Ren kvalitet, fra samarbejdet med naturen / Clean quality from the collaborative work with nature

Fra Naturen DK is the result of an eager desire to produce clean meat without the polluting effects it brings through conventional methods. Years of observation, research, and conscious practice, led us to the two core approaches of our practice: holistic management and regenerative grazing.

Holistic management: a decision-making process that allows all of the agents involved in it to benefit from a healthy interaction. It starts with a clear vision of the future you want and then brings into the equation the economic, environmental, and social elements required for such a vision to become a reality.

Regenerative grazing aims at restoring and increasing biodiversity in the ecosystem by planning where and when the livestock must graze. The management of the land depends on the context and the human manager analyzes factor such as seasons, weather, type of animals, facilities and land extension to determine a grazing plan that will provide the soil with enough animal interaction and resting periods that result in an increase of local biodiversity, carbon sequestration on the soil, where it should be, reduction of methane gas in the atmosphere, and more fertile and stronger soil. Grazing animals are active agents in this process.


To provide customers with high-end bioproducts that come from a clean, caring, and responsible management of the land.


In five years, Fra Naturen will be acknowledged as a pioneer clean brand in regenerative grazing in the Danish National Market.

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Animals have the best conditions possible while grazing the hills´ paddocks. We make sure our cows and sheep enjoy life without major external disruptions by rotating them on a regular basis in grass that has not been sprayed with pesticides or external chemical elements that may affect their health. This means moms and babies have all the time they need to grow happy and healthy, they have new pastures every couple of days, and they have enough space to explore and rest.


Plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms play an essential role in the cycle of life. Being aware of it, we aim at rebuilding the soil and its species with as much variety of nutrients and dynamics as possible so all of them, as well as us, can get the best out of the resting and active periods of the paddocks.


As opposed to pastures with few plant species and feedlots, health is enhanced when animals graze phytochemically rich mixtures of grasses, forbs, shrubs, and trees, leading to less antibiotic resistance. ” Excerpt retrieved from Provenza, F. D., Kronberg, S. L., & Gregorini, P. (2019). Is Grassfed Meat and Dairy Better for Human and Environmental Health?. Frontiers in nutrition, 6, 26. https://doi.org/10.3389/fnut.2019.00026


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Project Leader

He is in charge of land management and rotational grazing. His passion for nature and animal welfare has led him to change paths from the financial world towards the holistic approach to land management through animal rotational grazing. His caring attitude towards every animal and his will to give back to earth more than we take from it are the core of our company’s practice.


Sales And Customer Service Representative

She is the person customers interact with when they visit our shop. Her main goal is to make sure our customers have a pleasant experience visiting us in Vesterled 3 by supporting their shopping process and showing them the variety of products we offer. Her kind and service-minded attitude make your visit even more enjoyable!




Tilskud til hegning af arealer til forberedelse af afgræsning med køer og får.

Samtlige projekter til forberedelse af afgræsning med drøvtyggere er støtte af ”Den Europæiske Landbrugsfond for Udvikling af Landdistrikterne: Danmark og Europa invester i landdistrikterne”.  Formålet med etablering af infrastrukturen til afgræsning er at fremme biodiversiteten forbundet med afgræsning. Det er især vilde og naturligt hjemmehørende urter, blomster og græsarter der har gavn af naturplejen med kvæg, får, heste og geder. Det sikre føde til et væld af insekter. Gødningsbiller er især glade for dyrenes afføring og sommerfugle og vilde bier elsker blomster fra de planter der trives på strandeng, overdrev, kitkær mm. Med andre ord – Naturpleje er = biodiversitet.